nobukazu takemura : lyrics

     nobukazu takemura
          bright time to come
          long long night
     spiritual vibes
          scheme supreme

nobukazu takemura

bright time to come (lyrics by ?)

what is it?
should we look closer and see?
yes but...

long long night (lyrics by ?)

what do you want to play tomorrow?
i want to play hide and seek.
that's ok, but closing your eyes is sort of scary.
i am afraid of sleeping because i feel like i'll never wake up again.
don't you think it's strange what happens when you go to sleep?
not really. you can see a lot of interesting things.
then going to sleep is same as dying?
why don't you ask your teacher, father or mother about it?
i did ask them but they said, "don't think about silly things and study."
but i still don't understand it.
that's right. let's think about it.

spiritual vibes

idyllic (lyrics by kikuko nonaka)

smooth sea of field.
sweet smelling wind swimming gently.
look up to the ether.
white shaggy sheep floating slowly.
somebody walking towards me.
a boy? a girl?
deep limpid green eyes.
it looks like the universe.
gonna swallow me up.
talks like singing.
i wonder where he came from and where she's up to.

from whole night, new moon, dry donkey, and remains.
to blue sky, smiling sun, quiet elephant and child.

ripple (lyrics by kikuko nonaka & momoko suzuki)

swing and swirl dew drops flowing
far away.
overjoyed vibrant music wide awake.
can you hear the sound?
feel it all around
white ground, small stream
look and find hints of springtime
oh! so near.

scheme supreme (lyrics by kikuko nonaka)

last night you were in my dream, what a dream
what's the hurry babe, what's in your scheme supreme
felt just like when we went to see the dolphins swim

you and me in my brand new car, oh so blue
remember in my haste, i left my glasses behind
why hurry babe, what's in our scheme supreme
don't o.d. on speed, the dolphins and us yes, we're a team

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